Gambling and superstition

Gambling and superstition: (almost) everyone does it!

Superstition and gambling very often go together hand in hand.

Even though we may not always think about it, almost every casino player practices superstition. Whether you play in a land based casino, or in an online casino .

Even when we know that casino games are random and each outcome is unique, we are always looking for patterns, trends and successful casino strategies. It is human nature to cling to the same patterns: it makes life simpler and more bearable. That goes for your work, it applies to the way you travel and it applies to when you gamble.

We have listed the main types of gambling superstitions for you.

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Superstition in the casino

Asian gamblers massively avoided the old Lion Head entrance to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas out of superstition,
Looking away at the outcome of a game
Many players don't look directly at the outcome of a casino game out of superstition.

The moment the roulette ball starts to rattle on the wheel, they look up for a moment.

And how many die-hard gamblers do you see walking from roulette table to roulette table and betting? They don't wait for the outcome, but quickly move on to the next table, come back later and hopefully collect the winnings.

Rituals before the gambling event takes place
There are also superstition rituals that players perform before the game is played.

Those can be harmless, like always ordering your favorite drink before playing, but also more obsessive in nature. Just think of the players rubbing the screen of a video slot before every spin .

We even once had a player lick the casino player card before playing. But that one was just crazy.

Some ladies (usually of a somewhat older age) place their handbags partly on the reels of their slot machine, so that not all symbols are visible.

Lucky and unlucky numbers

The number 7 is also seen worldwide as a lucky number and is associated with prosperity and luck.

When playing Craps , rolling a seven (if a point is made) means the entire table loses. Saying the number 7 out loud is therefore a big no-no, even if you shouted: “Don't roll a seven!” for the shooter's well-intentioned encouragement. If a seven falls right after that, get out of the way, the players at the table will tar and feather you.

The number 13 is seen as bad luck in many cultures. For example, there are people who absolutely do not want to gamble on Friday the 13th. And it's also the reason why many Las Vegas Strip hotels don't have a 13th floor. Funnily enough, there are also parts of the world (especially in Asian countries) where the number 13 is again seen as a lucky number.

The number 50 is then again seen as an accident, if it is on a dollar bill. For that reason, you will see few 50 dollar bills in Las Vegas: gamblers refuse to accept these bills at all, afraid of the curse that this bill entails. And speaking of money: never count your money at the table, that will certainly bring bad luck.

Often people play their fixed numbers on the roulette table: dates of birth, dates of marriage or just a number that you feel comfortable with.

The number 8 is clearly a lucky number for Eastern countries and is therefore often used in slots with an Asian theme. Often the highest paying symbol contains the number 8 several times or the number is in the name of the slot. Just think of 88 Fortunes Megaways , Lucky 8 Fortune Cat and 8 Dragons .

Superstitions about buildings

Everyone has a favorite casino, where he is convinced that he wins more often than at other casinos, which apparently bring bad luck. Although that is nonsense from a mathematical point of view, we tend to fatten both very positive (gained a lot) and very negative experiences (fat loss) into superstitions.

And an entrance in the shape of a wild animal brings bad luck. Now you know why the MGM Grand in Las Vegas replaced the entire entrance soon after opening: no Asian came in through the main entrance.

Did you know that Asians prefer not to enter a casino through the main entrance due to accident? They prefer to take the side entrance, so as not to unnecessarily defy Lady Fortuna.